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Hi hi how you doing?😊Welcome to my site! So you wannabe an author, right? No, not only an author but a renowned author who would be recognized worldwide due to his remarkable writing capabilities and undisputed literary skills. 😎 Excellent. If I am not mistaken, your ardent desire is to be that famous author who writes a best seller every year! 💰

Oh😃 you are looking for my Writing Projects? Here we call them Wripes! All excited to join? Ok! Fill in the form!

Here at WriteSupport, I will provide support for you to become a talented author and assist you in many ways to make your voice heard across the world. Personally by myself!

Suggesting numerous ways and methods to make your work popular I will constantly focus on bringing you into the literary spotlight. In short, I strive to make your author dream come true!

Beginners to writing, take heed! You have at last come to the right place!

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Writesupport is the latest effort of the highly recognized Sri Lankan Freelancer Chinthaka Nanayakkara to help everyone who loves to write, through a method enthusiastically hailed by them as Wripes.

Basically, a Wripe is a specialized Writing Project. Check out the Wripes that are currently active! Hurry up and join!

Dedicating most of his free time to these Wripes, Chinthaka’s compassionate objective is to empower young writers (or writers young to writing) in a courteously motivating way to identify by themselves, their own hidden potential to produce quality literary content.

Chinthaka’s presence in popular writing platforms such as Sweek.com has enabled him to interact with hundreds of budding writers and offer them much needed online help such as free editing of their manuscripts and designing of book covers. Wripes are his specialty.

Not only that. His free advice and prudent guidance on how to make one’s writings popular and trendy has gained him much respect in online communities and this launching of Writesupport is how he endearingly acknowledges all his Followers across the world, facilitating every single one of them a common portal to resort to when the need arise.

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How it works…

It is easy. Happens with a few clicks. You go to this form and pick up a writing project of your preference. Then select the genre you really love writing. It can be romance, fiction, action, sci-fi … whatever. Finally with a few words as possible tell us a little about the story plot you have in mind.

Whatever you are, we view you big. You have a great writer within you. You haven’t yet met that great writer within you. So that’s our job.  Introducing you to real you. Giving you a hand to discover the expert within you.

Most people tend to discard your writing due to insignificant omissions on your part. They don’t read it fully. They read it randomly. In most occasions unwillingly, simply because you requested them to take a look. The most frustrating part; they expect your writings to be written in their way.

That is not the method here at writesupport. We read attentively what you write. We enjoy what you write and note the areas you can develop. We identify your potential. We develop you.

Interested? Want us to lend you a hand? No problem! Just take a minute to fill in the form and click submit!

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Chinthaka Nanayakkara

Chinthaka Nanayakkara is a writer, editor, book cover designer, video maker, mentor and a writing project coordinator formerly active in  Sweek.com – the popular mobile social media platform that helps anyone in the world to read, write and share stories at no cost.

Working together with skilled writers who have a potential to become future authors, his specialty is organizing Wripes or Writing Projects, which became so successful that they came to be recognized by United Nations and later developed to popular ebooks and paperbacks.

His most recent ebook based on the Wripe he organized on 27th January 2018, UN day dedicated to the Commemoration of the Victims of Holocaust, is now available for purchase in Amazon.

Chinthaka’s travel based short story AEA TRIANGLE (read prologue) was published in paperback by the leading Australian writers’ website needleinthehay.net in their latest anthology : SEASONS OF DISCONTENT.

His Best Book and Most Popular Book written for Sweek THREE REALMS that explains the existence of humanity and all life in this universe, passed 2000 reads within less than five months.

In the wake of THREE REALMS, Chinthaka organized his 4th writing project in June 2018, focusing on the World Asteroid Day. The project became so successful that the World’s no: 1  magazine in the astronomy field, Astronomy Magazine invited him to write a guest blog post on the subject which was published in time with the World Asteroid Day.

Currently Chinthaka lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka [Time zone – UTC+5:30] with his wife and kids.

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